Working with Ex Situ Marketing is as challenging as it is rewarding. We occasionally have positions open to join our team at our Internet exploration office in the heart of the Plateau.

New hires will work and learn from the most advanced web development and marketing technologies, concepts and projects. Whether you are eager to learn from our mentors or want to put your knowledge to use on high performance, high traffic platforms, ExSitu Marketing is one of the best places to do that.

* Airship captains and mad scientists get preferential treatment.

Working With Us


Our open-concept space on St-Laurent Boulevard is in the heart of the bustling Plateau and a 10-minute walk from the Mont Royal metro station. Lunches can be made in our kitchen or served hot from any of the many surrounding eateries. Steaming noodles, superb sushi, big-ass burgers, authentic Portuguese chicken and heavenly Indian cuisine are all within a two-minute walk from our front door, if not in our building. Five minutes gets you 10 times the offerings plus a local grocery store to buy fresh or stock up for the week. For the health-minded, we have a full gym a couple floors below us, so grabbing a workout before, during or after your day is a breeze. Like finding good real estate, enjoying where you work depends a lot on location, location, location. Here at Ex Situ Marketing, we have it in spades.

Flexible Hours

Our lives can be chaotic, often requiring a kind of juggling act in order to get everything completed to your satisfaction. At Ex Situ, we realize this. You will have flexibility built into your workday so that you can manage your other life commitments. After all, happiness boosts productivity and creativity. We know this and want you to achieve your best. A busy life is a fulfilled life and it drives you forward. Join us and ask about how flexible we can be.

Group Insurance Plan

Your health and well-being is a priority for us. We offer a comprehensive group insurance plan that ensures your needs are met. From dental to dismemberment, we have you covered. Here’s hoping dental is the only one of those two you’ll need. Whatever the case, we look after our own.

Performance Bonus Program

We realize that finding a great job, one where you can flourish and contribute, comes down to more than just opportunity. What you earn has one of the greatest impacts on your life. Your satisfaction is key. We are pleased to offer competitive salary packages to make certain that you love what you do, and what it does for you.

Incentives & Benefits

Motivation can be a driving force for excellence. And since that’s what we’re aiming to achieve, we are more than happy to talk incentives. These can come in different forms and may differ from person to person. What is it that stimulates you? Answer that question and we can talk about making it happen.

Professional Development & Training

Is there a particular skill you’re looking to acquire? Is there a conference that you’d like to attend that can help you propel our company forward? We realize that learning is a constant process. Working for Ex Situ gives you access to a training budget that will help you reach your educational goals.